Historic Royal Dockyard Chatham



Had the place almost to ourselves at the start of our England 2018 visit. Didn't manage to get around the whole site: so much to see & do. It was unusually hot & sunny for the time of year. This text is for the pics in order.

HMS Gannet, built at Sheerness in 1878, & was in Royal Navy service for 90 years.

HM Submarine Ocelot, HMS Gannet & No. 3 Covered Slip.

A sextant & Rochester Castle.

Inside the 400 year old  : 1/4 mile/440 yards/402m in length so the longest single lengths of rope that the Royal Naval ships needed could be made in 1 piece. It's still in use.

Mid afternoon & we still had the place to ourselves.

Inside the roof of No. 3 Slip aka The Big Space.

Model of HMS Victory.

HM Submarine Ocelot: the last Royal Navy wrship to be built at Chatham, launched in 1962. 29 years of service, home to 69 men (underwater for 10 hours at a time) & has 8 torpedo tubes.

Some of Ocelots torpedo tubes.

Crew quarters. After our tour of the sub, we realised tall or wide people would struggle!

WWII Destroyer Memorial: a memorial to the 11,000 sailors who lost their lives on Royal Navy Destroyers during World War Two.

More information at: http://thedockyard.co.uk/