Welcome to the World as seen through our eyes!

A lot of people had asked what we'd be up to in Malaysia: will we work, where will we live, what will we do etc, and more than 14 years later, we've more than settled in to living in this country. We have travelled, shopped, learned lessons & more. Predominantly, we know we must keep ourselves occupied. It was one thing to come here for a 3 week holiday, but another to live. We came over with the mind set that this is not a holiday for us. It is our life now & so it was up to us to get up & do something about it!

We are unable to take paid employment, unless we can prove we have skills/experience which local people do not. Even then, there's a bureaucracy of paperwork to go through (which our employer must do). We are both involved with local organisations, which go some way to providing a social structure for ourselves and we have a mix of expat & local friends.

Our diet has changed and has become better, using very fresh fish & seafood (locally caught). As well as local markets, we have access to supermarkets, including Tesco. As we enjoy the varied cuisines that Penang provides, and we can eat out well too. For those who know Carol, her intake of chocolate & crisps has diminished drastically - to nothing!

In March 2016, we traded in our Honda CRV & purchased a Honda City. We are pleased with the care & service received from Honda.

Our exercise routine has gone from 0 - 60+ since April 2015. Carol attends outdoor bootcamp sessions each week - sometimes getting muddy & wet, coming home with a selection of plants stuck to her. She has also participated in (& completed) fun runs, 1/2 marathons & an obstacle course race. George runs regularly each week, & regularly attends a local gym for DIY workout sessions.

Plus.....we need our holidays! We are ideally placed to visit Australia & New Zealand (which we have done), plus other Asian & Far Eastern countries, as well as traveling within our adopted country. Its good talking to people here, and hearing where they go for short breaks - we have so many lovely places to choose from!

Updated October 2019.

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