Our Diary.

Where we have been, what has been key in our life since 2005.

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Summer months: travels to/through Europe & USA. (update: due to COVID-19, this isn't going to happen as planned. We are currently trying to rearrange flights & more, but are in limbo).


March/April/May: returning visitors.

September/October - December: visitors, & trips to Putrajaya to renew our visas.


January: first-time visitors booked in, visited & departed.

Summer: back to England & on to Prague.

September: Singapore.

November: Taiwan.

December: Langkawi - a first visit after 8 years, & a total disaster.


January/February: returning visitors booked in plus travel to Cambodia with them.

February: returning to Sri Lanka.

March: volunteering in Semenyih for Carol.

May: Returning visitors, with a return trip to KL. Some of our travels are in the pages near here.

June: Travel within Malaysia.

September/October: England & Ireland revisited.


January: Return to Koh Samui for Georges birthday trip.

June: Return visit to Bali for Carols birthday trip, followed by a couple of days near KL.

September: Returning visitors, & travel to KL with them.

November: a first visit to Koh Lanta.


January: East Malaysia - been considering this trip for several years now & finally it’s booked!

January: Moving home - before the end of the month

May: Diving in Pulau Perhentian (the trip we had to cancel in 2014)

June: Koh Samui booked up for diving & relaxing. & maybe being a tourist! Followed directly by a return weekend in Melaka.

Summer: Travels towards Europe, in between & on the way back.

Autumn: returning visitors, Sepang & Melaka revisit


February: back to southern Thailand for meetings & sight-seeing

April: Long weekend in Petaling Jaya, day in Melaka & visa extensions

May: Redang diving

June: Long haul travels: reunions & reminiscences completed

July: Apartment purchase completion

August: Off to KL & PJ again

August - January 2015: Apartment renovation

December: Back to KL for the annual weekend


January: a few days away for Georges’ birthday in Georgetown! - celebrated & completed.

April: a short diving trip to Phuket is booked up. All completed.

April/May/June: friends over for a holiday & travel to Vietnam. Completed. Blog written, 6000+ images processed, album made - just the holiday movie to go.

May: Vietnam for 3 weeks. All booked & paid for!

June: a weekend away in Singapore is all booked up. Completed.

September: end of season dive trip to Redang, followed by a weekend in Hat Yai, Thailand.

December: weekend in KL. Returning visitors.


May: Thailand - back to Ao Nang for diving. Followed by work to replace all of our balcony doors & windows.

June: Return visit to Ipoh for a conference. Carols birthday trip - back to Perhentian Besar for diving - all booked. PLUS additional renovation repair work - now into our 5th week!! All completed.

July: Petaling Jaya & KL for conference, shopping & sights. Hotel booked & paid for. 2 visitors booked in!

August/September/October: Diving somewhere - when we can fit it in! (but we couldn’t find the time, so we didn’t go anywhere).

October/November: more new visitors in plan & some returning visitors already booked in. Long weekend in Bangkok booked up.

December: Long weekend in KL & PJ for meetings, shopping, being tourists & meeting friends.


Jan/Feb: New Zealand       

March: Pulau Redang for an early season dive trip.       

June: Overnight in KL & meeting in Petaling Jaya for a conference & friends catch up then 2 weeks later we repeat the same in Georgetown      

August: Off diving: a 6D5N visit to Pulau Perhentian Besar     

December: Weekend away in Seremban - yet another conference!     


March: Returning visitors & trip to Langkawi       

March: Hosting Australian visitors       

April: (May - due to ash cloud) Returning visitors & dive trip to Redang       

April, July & Sept/Oct: Dive trips - somewhere in SE Asia. Only 1 trip managed this year

June: Johor Baru w/e away for George & the boys  

June: Cambodia for Carols birthday       

June: Weekend in Petaling Jaya (again!)       

June: Returning visitors  

July: Weekend in KL @ Malaysia International Dive Expo. Been, shopped & collected info for even more dive holidays!  

August/September: England       

October/November: New Zealand - 3-5 weeks big tour. Flights booked for Jan/Feb 2011  

December: weekend away somewhere. Went to Melaka & a few other places.      


February: Dive trip to Krabi, Thailand or Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia in plan. Due to illness & apartment purchase, this trip is postponed until convenient.   

April 23: Got keys to our own apartment      

April - June: Renovate apartment. Work starts Monday 27 April, & we hope it'll be ready for us to move in by 30 June, else we'll be homeless!  

June: 1st week Move into apartment. Hope to be moved in by 8 June or there-about - which we did & now are sorting out where to put everything.  

June: Hosting national conference (not on our own!!) - a weekend away in Georgetown.

June: Visitor arriving for short stay at end of June to start of July.    

July: Very much would like to finally get in that dive holiday: drove up to Ao Nang, Thailand for 7D6N & 6 dives.     

August: Hope to pop away for a few days locally to use some of our Enrich miles . Just didn't get round to this break.  

September: Visitors booked in, plus visit to Singapore, Cameron Highlands & KL with them

Sometime between Oct & Dec: Putrajaya - must renew our visas by year end        

October: Off diving to Pulau Perhentian         

December: Weekend in Petaling Jaya & visas renewed.


January: Shopping trip to Hong Kong - Georges birthday       

March: Visitors over from England, trips to Bangkok & Krabi       

April: Dive trip to Redang, east coast       

June: Holiday in Bali - Carols birthday (again)       

July: Weekend in KL. Renegotiated rental on apartment for 2 more years.       

August: Back to England       

October/November: Back to Krabi or over to Koh Samui for more diving, or even the east coast islands perhaps. Postponed due to injury  

December: Returning visitors - including visit to KL, Sepang & Malacca


January: Local trip - perhaps Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak or Hong Kong. Visited Singapore for Georges birthday  

February: Possible trip away (else a week in March)    

Carol visited England for 8 days in February

March: 5 day relaxing visit to Pankor Laut Resort       

April: More visitors over, plus trip to Langkawi, Taiping, Ipoh & Cameron Highlands       

June: Popping over to Sri Lanka to celebrate Carols birthday. Went to Bali instead due to problems in Sri Lanka

July: George visited England for 1 week  

September: England for 3 weeks       

October: And some more visitors       

December: Time for another local holiday - back to Langkawi              


February: More visitors, & a few days in KL       

April/May: yet another local holiday – 1 each to Thailand & Redang   June/July: Our visit back to UK

July: Back into any sort of routine!       

August/September: Moved to another apartment on 1 Sept    

September: Travel to Australia       

October/November: More visitors.......       

Late November/early December: Another holiday, probably in Malaysia! (Went to Sri Lanka & Malaysia - got in 2 breaks!)  

December: And another visitor books in               


September: whenever! Settle into Penang life, find an apartment, buy a car. All achieved ahead of any vague schedule  

December: festive season - visitors for Christmas & New Year   

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