Kuala Lumpur: a 'lockdown' escape

We had a dire need to get away from Penang for a while, & our favourite KL hotel (Melia) had a very good room promo. We chose to go Monday - Friday, so avoiding crowds at weekends, any public holidays & school holidays. Simply, copied here are our Facebook daily comments with some pictures of our break away.

1992 was the last/only time we have visited KL together as 'tourists'. Been many many times as tour guides to our visitors (which we love doing), or for exploring (me, while George is in meetings) or overnights for visa stuff.

Decided on a short getaway to be 'tourists' again. Some revisits, some new stuff. Just enough. Relatively fewer people around, vast majority masking up & distancing, obeying SOPs. Even the drive down/back were relatively leisurely (ie not many BMW/Merc drivers wanting to get into the boot of our car while we were in a Q to pass slower vehicles!).

11 September 2020.

7 September 2020
Monday musings:
Stopped at Sungai Perak R&R on the drive down: encountered a 1-way system in the ladles. So simple, so safe.
Batu Caves – had the steps & cave almost all to ourselves.
Melia KL – has the hotel almost all to ourselves (12% occupancy tonight. Was 90% on Sunday).
Bukit Bintang – had the area almost to ourselves.

8 September 2020
Tuesday thoughts:
Used rail for 2 sections of 1 journey, & walked a lot more than we should have.
Visited Kampung Baru (‘new village’, founded 1890’s to house KLs farmers). Now probably the most valuable land in the city.
Crossed over Saloma Link bridge (opened February 2020), joining Kampung Baru to KLCC. Named after P.Ramlees’ 3rd wife.
For the 2nd consecutive day, George made the 1st shopping purchase (non-food).
Totally forgot, & had automatically packed lipstick…..
Hotel still too quiet, & lobby bar is not open…….

9 September 2020
Wednesday reveries:
Used Grab to get around today. Not too much walking as did too much yesterday.
Then used rail in the evening to get to/from Saloma Link/KLCC/Bukit Bintang.
Finally got to visit Islamic Arts Museum & had it all to ourselves (staff excepted). Probably the best museum we’ve ever been in.
Late dinner was taken at Sai Woo in Jalan Alor.

10 September 2020
Thursday theories:
Day out at the zoo: carried our sunspex & lotion with us, wore sun hats. Should have know that was a 100% recipe for rain: not just rain, but a prolonged tropical downpour. Forecast was for 3pm when we hoped to be back at hotel, started 1pm & our 'shelter' wasn't wide enough! Grab back to hotel, driving through water so deep I'd be concerned about the car engine.
Out tonight & had to wait a very long time for Grab: seems Masjid Jamek has become an island, & our driver had to find other ways to get to us & avoid that area.
Spent part of the evening at RexKL to see a few exhibits at the KL20x20 Photo Project, including those by Antoine Loncle - Photographer. 

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