Urban Arts Maps

Here are some interactive Google maps to show our local, national & global urban art: these are mainly painted works, but can be sculptures, statues, interesting structures & more.

For full screen (new window), click on the broken square to the top right of the map frame. Use +- keys to zoom in/out. At the moment, I cannot work out how to centre zoomed in on Penang. If it views with Penang at the centre on opening, so much the better.

To view the legends, & switch selections on/off, click on the legends icon to the top left of the map frame.

The maps are constantly being added to, so check back to see any additions.

Note: some features may have been removed/closed/painted over since seeing them.

Malaysia Urban Art

Mostly from Penang, some from KL & odds from other places as we travel around.

Global Art

Urban art from around the world, including statues & sculptures. & maybe a few other odds & ends.

Singapore Art, Sculptures & Statues

Singapore: things we have seem, or would like to see (the biggest category).

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