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11 November 2020

Never ending?

Most of Malaysia re-entered Conditional Movement Control Order from 9 November, planned to end on 6 December in a bid to break the covid chain. Cases have gone up drastically (compared to during phase 2 earlier this year) but then so have recoveries. We have freedom, as long as we adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures - as we always do. For the time being, our social coffees & weekly quiz are off the books, but we can still get out as a couple to exercise, shop, eat out. We do look forward to the time when life will be virus--free, maskless & more.

An update to Mobirise software means yet another revamp for our web: this is our record of our life out here & is a valuable time-line for us.

As always, stay well & stay safe.

Trying to stay positive

National Covid cases have increased exponentially over recent weeks, with those in Penang doubling overnight due to 1 cluster. Some areas have re-entered Conditional Movement Control Order for 2 or 3 weeks in order to bring cases under control. The big Penang Cluster is based in the Remand Centre, so we both feel confident that we will not be affected by those cases. That said, we continue to be careful & cautious as we go about our daily lives.

Just now, the weather is bad: we are in the inter-monsoon transition period so it is generally wetter than normal wet, grey, cold (relatively), and the rain is copious: so much so that our days out tend to be more for shopping in malls than photo opportunities outside. We have shelved our plans for a couple more mid-week breaks until the weather improves (most likely in time for local school holidays, when we won't want to travel anyway).

We continue to remain positive, meeting friends (socially distant) & having time out to counteract our exercise sessions & more.

As always, stay well & stay safe. 

14 October 2020

16 September 2020

Life goes on

Recovery Movement control Order is extended to 31 December 2020. Local cases got as low as 63 active positive cases, then several large clusters emerged, with over 600 cases active by 16 September. We continue to go about our new-normal life as best we can, going to places we are 'happy' with & avoiding people/places who seem more complacent.

As a bit of a break, we spent a few days as 'tourists' in KL last week: some words & photos are here. We continue to try & get out somewhere each week, & have an evening out to revisit favourite restaurants. We need some diverstity to keep us sane.

As always, stay well & stay safe. 

Is the end in sight? We don't think so

We are about 2 weeks away from the scheduled end of the Recovery Movement Control Order. However, personally speaking, active cases have inceased in recent weeks, so we feel there will be ongoing extensions to MCO until the virus is eradicated - & that could take a while.

We continue with our lives, following all Standard Operating Procedures as set by the government. We are happy with how they are being enforced & tend to avoid people/places that we are not fully 100% with.

The rainy season has finally arrived, with most mornings being dry & rain falling heavily during the afternoons & evenings. It's good to see the land becoming greener.

As always, stay well & stay safe. 

19 August 2020

22 July 2020

Continuing Recovery

Malaysias' Recovery Movement Control Order is in place until 31 August 2020. We are now about 1/2 way through & while much is being positive & compliant, some peoples (not us!) are relaxing the SOPs a bit to much: not businesses & places where we go to, but active cases are slowly creeping upwards again after getting down to 63 about 10 days ago.

We continue to go about our life in our new normal way, we still take days out around the island for a break away from home. We still have a couple of distanced social breakfasts each week, & maybe a lunch or 2. Our quiz evenings have resumed (2 so far, each with a round win & both with 3rd place) so we keep our minds active.

George has returned to the gym & is pleased with the SOPs in place to keep staff & members safe. Carol continues with her Warrior sessions: 2 via Zoom & 1 our door each week. We still go out for 2 regular runs/walks each week.

As always, stay well & stay safe.

Recovery MCO

June 9th ended Malaysias' Conditional Movement Control Order & the next day started its Recovery MCO which is in place until 31 August 2020. Gradually, & with Standard Operating Procedures in effect, different business sectors can start opening up. Probably the biggest one for Carol is the hairdresser, with a SOP appointment booked for later this week! We are now used to scanning in when we enter any premises or store, using the states PGCare tracker, & having our temperature taken (sometimes up to 12 times in a few hours if we visit a mall!).

As always, we comply with what is asked of us: 1 or 2 criteria occasionally seem negative but in the long term, it's all OK. As of yesterday, active cases were less than 300 in the country which shows that everyone can & has pulled together to help control the virus.

Carol has resumed outdoor Warrior sessions, albeit only 1 a week for a while as their schedule develops as SOPs change, while continuing Zoom sessions at home. George is able to return to the gym. We also continue with our regular weekly walks up & down Pearl Hill, & aim to get in another walk/run locally at the weekend. Catching up with friends has been the biggest boost in recent weeks, even if we have to sit apart while we chat over coffee.

As always, stay well & stay safe. 

23 June 2020

28 May 2020

Conditional MCO

Malaysia recently moved into its Conditional Movement Control Order phase. We have passed 10 weeks since lockdown started on 18 March, & various areas are being gradually opened up, all with Standard Operating Procedures. For us, this means we can now travel in the same car, & go out together. This is good as we have had planned medical appointments to attend, & have been out to purchase a new microwave oven & washer/dryer as ours both failed during the MCO period. More stores are open to us, & we are now used to 'checking in' using PGCare - Penangs person tracking app, having our temperatures taken (sometimes 6-10 times all within a couple of hours at different malls, stores & services), sanitising & more. This phase is due to end/be reviewed on 9 June 2020.

We can now dine-in, again with restrictions, so although we may sit at the same table, we may not sit opposite or next to each other, despite spending almost 24/7 together!

We had to get a new battery for our car a few weeks ago, the technician coming out to fit for us, & this week the car had its postponed 48 month service: again Honda surpassed with its SOPs for drop off, service & collection.

We are now allowed to go outside to exercise: a big bonus as we live in an apartment. We have resumed our local walking either together on Sundays as was usual, and our regular walk up Pearl Hill with friends on Thursdays. That said, we have to be 2m apart when we exercise, so although we are all on the hill at the same time, we see each other but never walk together. To be honest, our biggest morale boost at this time has been seeing & speaking with friends, albeit distantly.

Malaysia continues to pull together to reduce & fight this horrible virus & is seeing very positive improvements everywhere. Penang State is, & we are biased here, exceptional. There have been teething issues, but now everyone knows what has to be done to get through.

We should have been in England now, meeting up with our family & friends. This isn't happening, & we are very disappointed that we cannot travel, but it has to be this way, & we aim to rebook everything as soon as it is safe for us to do so. That may be a while in the future.

Other good news: Penang is now in the inter-monsoon season which means rains have started with a vengence, rivers are flowing, dust is washed away, the air is clearer & cleaner.

As always, stay well & stay safe.

Life as normal

As we update our web pages, Malaysia today ends phase 3 of its Movement Control Order (aka Lockdown). It started on 18 March & today sees the end of the 1st 6 weeks/42 days. It is continuing, at present, to 12 May 2020. Malaysia continues to pull together to reduce & fight this horrible virus & is seeing very positive improvements everywhere. Penang State is, & we are biased here, exceptional. There have been teething issues, but now everyone knows what has to be done to get through.

We do get out - but only for essentials & when necessary: market, supermarket & chiropractor - probably a total of 6 'outings' between us both over 14 days. We try to fit the supermarket visit when George attends Chiro, so only going out for 1 trip. We cannot travel together, despite being together at home almost 24/7, & must stay within 10km/6 miles of home. We are self-motivated & are exercising at home. A downside is that we frequently had lunches 'out' so we are trying to come up with different main meals & teas to give us variety in our diet. We have limited our takeaways to Sunday breakfasts, 1 lunch & 1 dinner.

Stay well & stay safe. 

28 April 2020

1 April 2020

Not quite to plan

Along with the world, March wasn't as we expected it to be. This horrible COVID-19 has invaded Malaysia as it has everywhere else. The Malaysian government got its act together quickly & put strong measures in place to curb & control the virus spread. We've been in lockdown since 18 March, & at the moment that is set to continue to 14 April, probably with extensions.

We are coping well, staying healthy & occupied while abiding by the various rules. George does the supermarket shopping as he is classed as a senior, so can get in a bit earlier & avoid crowds (although most supermarkets are applying a 1 in, 1 out process) & can tie it in with his chiropractor sessions (every 4-5 days). Carol walks to the local market each week to top up on fresh produce, & stop at the bakers & pharmacy if needed.

Stay well & stay safe. 

Hot, dry weather

There have been a few changes within Malaysia in the past few days, not (yet) affecting us. What hasn't changed though is the weather. The dry season is continuing relentlessly, with rare overnight rain showers, but not enough to see any effect. Seeding is ongoing & just about every state on the mainland has experienced thunderstorms - but not the island.

We are keeping watch on the UK weather, losing track of all the different storms that are relentlessly pounding the Isles, & thinking of our family & friends at this time. 

4 March 2020

5 February 2020

Happy Chinese New Year!

We've had a quiet start to 2020, which did get noisier towards the end of January when Chinese New Year & Hokkien New Year were celebrated: not just here but throughout the world to welcome the Year of the Rat.

Weatherwise, it is always dry at this time of the year. In fact, too dry. There has been no decent downpour since mid December, & the States' dams are currently running below 50% capacity. 

Happy New Year!

December has been & gone, & 2019 has ended. A personally & physically successful year for Carol as she received the Warriors annual award for Outstanding Resilience on 13 December. We enjoyed a quiet Christmas with friends.

Looking forward to 2020, we have much travel planned as we set out to celebrate our birthdays over many different occasions & will be finding any excuse to celebrate!

Wishing you a happy, healthy & peaceful 2020.

8 January 2020

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