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9 December 2020

Merry Christmas?

It's been an interesting & somewhat concerning past 4 weeks with regards to COVID-19 in the country. Penang & other states ended its Conditional Movement Control Order & reverted to Recovery Movement Control Order on 6 December. The only difference this gives us is we can return to inter-district & inter-state travels, should we wish/need. We've stopped trying to have days out as the weather seems to be rather wet on our designated days, but our quiz evenings have resumed (socially distanced seating), & we continue to have 1 evening meal & 1 lunch out per week on top of refuelling breakfasts. Our commitment to exercise continues & we have booked up our Christmas Day lunch - out with 2 friends as 4 persons can sit at 1 table (with distance) again.

We usually start to look at travels for the coming year about now, but as the global situation continues to be unstable - & for us the worry that if we leave Malaysia, we may not be permitted to return - so we will bide our time on international travels & hope to fit in some domestic short breaks as & when possible.

As always, stay well & stay safe. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & a happy, peaceful & healthy year ahead.

Happy New Year

It's difficult finding new words for our welcome page when not a lot changes here in our bit of the world. Nationally, covid cases have escalated (although no where near as much as many countries) & Penang became a 'red' state yesterday, where all 5 Districts reported at least 40 positive cases; some - including ours - around 500. Yes, again, not as many as much of the world, but large clusters are now in areas where we go in town, so our 'days out' are being reined in - again.

We had an enjoyable Christmas Day lunch at Java Tree, E & O Hotel with friends as is usual: our table for 4 could easily have seated 8, we pulled crackers, wore paper hats, ate turkey & Christmas pudding & had a chance to 'do something different'. As there was so little traffic on New Years Eve, we broke with a long-time tradition & went out! Not far away, to share early evening drinks & snacks with 2 other long-time friends, with chat, laughter & raised spirits. We were home in time to see in the New Year & watch the few (unauthorised) firework displays from our window.

5 January 2021

3 February 2021

Back into lockdown

No sooner had we updated our web last month, when Malaysia ordered another Movement Control Order (MCO2)/Lockdown. We took it in our stride, having adapted back in March 2020. This time was slightly more beneficial to us as we are permitted to go out for essentials (food, banking & medical) together, and although we had to stop Warrior & gym activities, we are able to get out to 'jog' so long as we stay within 10km of home & jog a few meters apart. What with this and Carol resuming Warrior sessions by Zoom, & George working out at home, we are maintaining our fitness levels as best we can.

MCO is now ongoing until 18 February (started 13 January) as cases - mostly in the KL/Selangor area - are hitting 3000+ cases per day, with recovered cases in the same/slightly lower region. We hope the effects of MCO will see the recoveries increase & new cases decrease. Although these numbers are much lower than in many countries, it still gives us concern, so we conform to the rules to keep ourselves safe. Again, we miss the social side of life, but do manage the occasional chat with people we know if we see them while shopping.

In other news, the weather is drying out - as it tends to do at this time of year just preceding Chinese New Year, which is next week. Celebrations will be in families only - but we have a gut feeling that our local neighbours will be sharing their fireworks until the early hours as usual!!

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