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Our Life in Malaysia

There have been a few changes within Malaysia in the past few days, not (yet) affecting us. What hasn't changed though is the weather. The dry season is continuing relentlessly, with rare overnight rain showers, but not enough to see any effect. Seeding is ongoing & just about every state on the mainland has experienced thunderstorms - but not the island. 

We are keeping watch on the UK weather, losing track of all the different storms that are relentlessly pounding the Isles, & thinking of our family & friends at this time. 

With best regards,

Carol & George

4 March 2020

An update to our computers means we are not able to use our previous web creation software, so we are trying out Mobirise to see if it will do what we need, & to work in with all that we have created between 2005 & July 2019. It's taking a while to sort things out, so if you are looking for our older pages, check the links at the bottom of this page. If you are directed to a blank or Error page, just back track in your browser or head to

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