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Our Life in Malaysia

Malaysias' Recovery Movement Control Order is in place until 31 August 2020. We are now about 1/2 way through & while much is being positive & compliant, some peoples (not us!) are relaxing the SOPs a bit to much: not businesses & places where we go to, but active cases are slowly creeping upwards again after getting down to 63 about 10 days ago. 

We continue to go about our life in our new normal way, we still take days out around the island for a break away from home. We still have a couple of distanced social breakfasts each week, & maybe a lunch or 2. Our quiz evenings have resumed (2 so far, each with a round win & both with 3rd place) so we keep our minds active. 

George has returned to the gym & is pleased with the SOPs in place to keep staff & members safe. Carol continues with her Warrior sessions: 2 via Zoom & 1 our door each week. We still go out for 2 regular runs/walks each week. 

As always, stay well & stay safe.

With best regards,

Carol & George

22 July 2020

An update to our computers means we are not able to use our previous web creation software, so we are trying out Mobirise to see if it will do what we need, & to work in with all that we have created between 2005 & July 2019. It's taking a while to sort things out, so if you are looking for our older pages, check the links at the bottom of this page. If you are directed to a blank or Error page, just back track in your browser or head to