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Today ends our recent MCO/lockdown, with Conditional Movement Control Order resuming tomorrow until (at the moment) 18 March 2021. As restrictions have been lifted in stages over the past couple of weeks, this won't make much difference to our lives. George has already returned to the gym, & Carol has returned to outdoor Warrior sessions. We have been able to go out to dine in, so have resumed our 1 lunch & 1 dinner 'out' per week. The only 'benefit' to CMCO is that we can now travel out of our District (ie the top north-east corner of the island) & go anywhere within Penang state, including over to the part on the mainland. There is no necessity for us to travel over, so we'll probably stay close to home, as we prefer.

Malaysia has stated it will offer Covid vaccines to non-Malaysians as part of its 'herd immunity' plan to eradicate the virus & we have both registered our names. We don't know when we will receive them, but the country aims to complete most vaccinations by the end of 2021. 

With best regards,

Carol & George

4 March 2021

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