Our life in Malaysia

It's difficult finding new words for our welcome page when not a lot changes here in our bit of the world. Nationally, covid cases have escalated (although no where near as much as many countries) & Penang became a 'red' state yesterday, where all 5 Districts reported at least 40 positive cases; some - including ours - around 500. Yes, again, not as many as much of the world, but large clusters are now in areas where we go in town, so our 'days out' are being reined in - again.

We had an enjoyable Christmas Day lunch at Java Tree, E & O Hotel with friends as is usual: our table for 4 could easily have seated 8, we pulled crackers, wore paper hats, ate turkey & Christmas pudding & had a chance to 'do something different'. As there was so little traffic on New Years Eve, we broke with a long-time tradition & went out! Not far away, to share early evening drinks & snacks with 2 other long-time friends, with chat, laughter & raised spirits. We were home in time to see in the New Year & watch the few (unauthorised) firework displays from our window.

With best regards,

Carol & George

5 January 2021

An update to our computers meant we are not able to use our previous web creation software, so have migrated to Mobirise. It's taken a while to sort things out, so if you are looking for our older pages, check the links at the bottom of this page. If you are directed to a blank or Error page, just back track in your browser or head to http://www.thehagans.co.uk/welcome.html

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