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Our Life in Malaysia

An update to our computers means we are not able to use our previous web creation software, so we are trying out Mobirise to see if it will do what we need, & to work in with all that we have created between 2005 & July 2019.  It's taking a while to sort things out, so if you are looking for our older pages, check the links at the bottom of this page. If you are directed to a blank or Error page, just back track in your browser or head to  

Our new pages are found in the drop-down menu to the top right of this page.

So, for our 'other news':

We have had more family visitors over, including a big surprise for them.

Carol has completed another 1/2 marathon, improving on last years time, & has also officially been placed 2nd in her age group in Spartan S E Asia. 

With best regards,

Carol & George

24 November 2019