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Our Life in Malaysia

Malaysia recently moved into its Conditional Movement Control Order phase. We have passed 10 weeks since lockdown started on 18 March, & various areas are being gradually opened up, all with Standard Operating Procedures. For us, this means we can now travel in the same car, & go out together. This is good as we have had planned medical appointments to attend, & have been out to purchase a new microwave oven & washer/dryer as ours both failed during the MCO period. More stores are open to us, & we are now used to 'checking in' using PGCare - Penangs person tracking app, having our temperatures taken (sometimes 6-10 times all within a couple of hours at different malls, stores & services), sanitising & more.  This phase is due to end/be reviewed on 9 June 2020.

We can now dine-in, again with restrictions, so although we may sit at the same table, we may not sit opposite or next to each other, despite spending almost 24/7 together!

We had to get a new battery for our car a few weeks ago, the technician coming out to fit for us, & this week the car had its postponed 48 month service: again Honda surpassed with its SOPs for drop off, service & collection. 

We are now allowed to go outside to exercise: a big bonus as we live in an apartment. We have resumed our local walking either together on Sundays as was usual, and our regular walk up Pearl Hill with friends on Thursdays. That said, we have to be 2m apart when we exercise, so although we are all on the hill at the same time, we see each other but never walk together.  To be honest, our biggest morale boost at this time has been seeing & speaking with friends, albeit distantly.

Malaysia continues to pull together to reduce & fight this horrible virus & is seeing very positive improvements everywhere. Penang State is, & we are biased here, exceptional. There have been teething issues, but now everyone knows what has to be done to get through. 

We should have been in England now, meeting up with our family & friends. This isn't happening, & we are very disappointed that we cannot travel, but it has to be this way, & we aim to rebook everything as soon as it is safe for us to do so. That may be a while in the future.

Other good news: Penang is now in the inter-monsoon season which means rains have started with a vengence, rivers are flowing, dust is washed away, the air is clearer & cleaner.

As always, stay well & stay safe. With best regards,

Carol & George

28 May 2020

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